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Coffee shops and Dining

Gluten Free for coeliac suffers in Sussex Inlet
  • MEnU wood fire pizza are recognised by the Australian Coeliac Society. They can do pizza, crepe and other options
  • Jopen restaurant owner George is only too happy to help
  • Cudmirrah cafe have limited options available
  • Sussex Inlet Bowling Club Chinese has limited options
  • County Garden Fruit Shop (opp.the P.O.) have take-away meals, they are frozen but are gluten free. Should you choose to cook for your self, they have other ingredients available. i.e. g/f gravy etc.
  • Spar Supermarket, Sussex Inlet stock g/f bread from Buttercup, labelled Country Life, but not many other supermarket items. Suggest you bring cereals, biscuits from your own supermarket
  • The Bakery. Once a week they bake a gluten free batch of bread and cakes
  • Coles Supermarket, Nowra have an excellent range of g/f products
  • You MUST stress to cafes and restaurants that you require a gluten free meal.

Walks and Cycle Tours
Waterside Walk Trail
Start at the river end of Jacobs Drive. Proceed along the concrete pathway past the RSL Club until you arrive at the Chris Creek bridge. Cross River Road and inspect the entrance to the canal system in Harbord St.
Proceed along River Rd back towards the town, left into Thora St, right into Finch Place, cross the footbridge and turn left into Ellmoos Ave. At the end of Ellmoos Ave turn left into Sandpiper Way and follow it around until it terminates at Jacobs Drive.

Paradise Cres is on the opposite side of Jacobs Drive, proceed to a reserve at the end of Paradise Cres. Follow the unpaved footpath to Lagoon Cres. Proceed along Lagoon Cres to River Road. Turn left, walk past the caravan park until access to the riverside reserve can be achieved which is just short of the bridge. Stroll along the riverside reserve back to your starting point.
Detours may be made to a reserve at the end of Thora St and into Whimbrel Drive from Sandpiper Way.

A drive-yourself tour around Sussex Inlet districts.

At a * STOP * leave your car and enjoy the spot.

Start at Jacobs Drive, right at the bank round-a-bout into River Rd, this becomes Lyons Rd, left at Sussex Rd, at the end of the road. * STOP.

Return along Sussex Rd, left into Iverison Rd, left into Christine St, right into St Georges Ave, to the bowling Club car park. * STOP.

Return to Iverison Rd, proceed left, left into Glanville Rd, left into Lakehaven Drive, proceed to the Lions Park at the end. * STOP.

Return along Lakehaven Drive, first left into Edgewater Ave, left into Pacificana Drive, proceed 1 km to the Surf Club. * STOP. NOTE Walk to the beach-viewing platform.

Return along Pacificana Drive, fourth left into Thomson St, right into Community Centre car park. * STOP.

Continue along Thomson St. NOTE The new and old schools are on your right. Left into The Springs Rd, 2 km on this becomes Collier Drive, third left into Third Ave, at the end. * STOP.

Return to Collier Drive, proceed left, left into Myrniong Grove which becomes Silver Sands Drive, 50 metres before the end. * STOP.

Right into Beachway Ave, second right into Berrara Rd, first left into Lakeland Ave, at Lagoon Reserve. * STOP. NOTE. The lagoon walk starts near the junction with Lakeway Ave.

Right into Lakeway Ave, right into Sundowner Ave, first right into Beachview Ave, left into Lakeland Ave, left into Berrara Rd, second right into Pope Ave, left into Collier Drive, third left into First Ave, third right into Waratah Ave, right into Goonawarra Drive, 50 metres before the end * STOP.

Left into Collier Drive, after crossing the bridge, select a spot on the shore of Swan Lake and * STOP.

Proceed along The Springs Rd, left into Hoffman Drive, second left into Lake Drive, at the end. * STOP.

Left into Yaroma Ave, second right into Hoffman Drive, left into The Springs Rd. NOTE 1 km on left is the Waste Recycling Depot, also the industrial estate.

Right into Sussex Inlet Rd, first right is still Sussex Inlet Rd, first left into Cater Cres, at the reserve at the end. * STOP. NOTE. Walk to the island via the footbridge.

First left into Corang Cres, left into Ray St, left into River Rd, second left into Ellmoos Ave, left into Sandpiper Way, left into Whimbrel Drive, left into Dotterel Place and return. Left into Whimbrel Drive, left into Cormorant Ave to the end and return via Whimbrel Ave, left into Sandpiper Way, to the junction with Jacobs Drive.

Right into Jacobs Drive, left into Wunda Ave, left into River Rd, second left into Suncrest Ave, sixth right into River Rd, left into Fairview Cres. * STOP.

Left into River Rd, second left into Nelson Lane to the river. * STOP.

Return along Nelson Lane, left into River Rd, proceed to the round-a-bout where we started.

Walking and Jogging Routes
Circle the Island - Along Jacobs Drive towards the Princes Highway. At the Totem Pole corner left into Sussex Inlet Rd, left into Cater Cres, left into Corang Cres, left into Ray St, left into River Rd. Proceed to Jacobs Drive.

Badgee Circuit -From Jacobs Drive proceed via Nielson St or Wunda Ave to River Road. Left into River Rd. Proceed over the Badgee Bridge. Along Suncrest Ave, second left into River Rd, first left into Fairview Cres, left into River Rd, over the bridge and back to Jacobs Drive.

Surf Club - Along Jacobs Drive towards the Princes Highway. At the Totem Pole corner left into Sussex Inlet Rd, third right into Government Rd, straight ahead to the Surf Club. Extend the route along the beach as far as you wish. On return from the Surf Club try fifth right into Iverison Rd, third right into Sussex Rd, first left into Lyons Rd which joins River Rd which is followed to Jacobs Drive.

As a variation, travel any of the above in the opposite direction.

Car Drive Yourself Tours

  • Tours to the south
    Go to the Princess Highway and turn left.
  • Bendalong, Fishermans Paradise, Lake Conjola West and Lake Conjola.
  • Milton / Ulladulla / Mollymook - a round trip.
  • Boyd Lookout and Granite Falls - turn right 5km down the highway.
  • Tours to the north
    Go to the Princess Highway and turn right.
  • Fleet Air Arm Museum adjacent to HMAS Albatross, BTU Road, Nowra.
  • Nowra.
  • HMAS Creswell, Jervis Bay - Saturday, Sunday & public holidays only.
  • Lady Denman Heritage Complex, Huskisson.
  • Booderee National Park and Botanic Gardens.
  • Sanctuary Point / Huskisson / Vincentia - round tour.

Coffee Shops
  • Cudmirrah Store, Goonawarra Drive, Cudmirrah
  • Scotty's Place, Jacobs Drive
  • Jopen, Jacobs Drive
  • Matteo's, Jacobs Drive
  • Pelican Shores, Sussex Inlet Rd.
  • Seacrest Cafe, Sussex Inlet Rd.
  • The Bakery, River Rd.
  • The Icecreamery, Jacobs Drive

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