History Files

The Early Days
Captain Cook named various landmarks along the south coast (Mt Pigeon House, Cape St George) on his discovery voyage of Australia, it was not until 1882 that further exploration opened up more land for settlement along the Southern coastline.

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An Historical Cottage
The oldest existing building in the Sussex Inlet district is the Christian's Minde complex located on the north shore of the Inlet.

The Inlet Cottages
Some time in 1918, Henry Hourigan applied for and was granted a parcel of land, on the Farnhem Headland, overlooking the entrance to the sea from Sussex Inlet. Hourigan set about building a holiday camp on the site.

Berrara was first settled in 1866 by Daniel Glanville and his wife Eliza.

Not a lot took place at Cudmirrah before Nick Collier with his wife and three children settled there in 1948.

Louisa Pauline and her husband, John Robert Blanche, a local sawmiller, took up 17 acres of land, (The Springs), this property was sold to Chas. and Phyl Dyball in 1951.

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