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Sussex Inlet is located at 35 degrees 11 minutes South and 150 degrees 36 minutes East. This detailed information is for airline pilots and sailors to enable them to locate us on the world maps.

There is room to land a seaplane on the Inlet as has been done in the past.

For us mortals, turn off the Princes Highway 205 km south of Sydney or 867 km north of Melbourne and travel 13 km to the east.

Situated 35km south of Nowra Sussex Inlet is popular for water sports, being on the small river, called 'The Inlet' which connects St Georges Basin with the ocean.

Travel time from Sydney is approximately 3 hours.

The road from the Princes Highway passes through a State forest and then past many 5 to 10 acres house lots, some of which back onto the Conjola State Forest.

Average summer temperatures are Maximum - 24C. Minimum 17C
Average winter temperatures are Maximum - 18C. Minimum 8C

There is a population of some 4,000 permanent residents in Sussex Inlet and adjoining areas of Berrara, Cudmirrah and Swan Haven including farmlets en route from the Highway to the township, this figure is based on the 2001 census and grows dramatically during the holiday periods.

A feature of the town is the housing development situated on a tidal canal system. The canal system has in fact caused the business area of Sussex Inlet to now be located on an island. It is known as the "Island Township".

There are many accommodation businesses including caravan parks, cabins, motels, units and holiday homes available for rental.

There is a life saving club at the surf beach. Other activities available include lawn bowling, fishing, sailing, golf, bingo, water skiing and swimming in sheltered waters. There are several boat hire businesses with small motor boats for hire plus house-boat hire is also available.

There are a large variety of wild birds in the area and in the area known as Badgee, kangaroos can be seen feeding on the lawns of the houses at morning and evening.