Sussex Inlet Community Church Incorporated
The Community Church

In its present form the church has been incorporated since 2007 and renamed as the Community Church, ie the original name given to the building in the 1940s. Due to its location and being the first church established in Sussex Inlet it is referred to by the locals as the town church.

Sunday service is held weekly commencing at 9.30 am and Prayer groups meet on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 8.00am and 11.00 am respectively. In addition a bible study group meet on Wednesday evenings at 7.00 pm in the hall.

Wednesday Lunch
Wednesday in the hall we have an OPEN DOOR lunch and anyone may attend for a light meal and good company ALL WELCOME.

Thursday, Kids and Mums
Thursday from 10.00 am a Kids and Mums group meet in the hall and again any mother or mothers with children are always welcome. Various community groups are also welcome to use the facilities.

Monthly Market
On the second Saturday of each month, a market is held within the grounds of the Church.

A great meeting place for the locals and an attraction for holiday makers with approximately 30 stalls and a variety of wares on display.

Market Day church

175 Jacobs Drive,
Sussex Inlet,
NSW, 2540

02-4441 1546     or
02-4441 0288
PO Box 170, Sussex Inlet, 2540.
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